2018-2019 Current Year Scholarships

Notes from MHS Guidance Office

  • Local Scholarships with the deadline in March. In January, these scholarships will be made available on our website.
  • The MHS Guidance Office lists scholarships on our web page.  These scholarships are sent to us for sharing with students.  Our list is not a comprehensive list and we encourage students to do their own research. 
  • Most individual scholarships will come from the colleges to which you apply.  Contact the school to find out about the financial aid assistance available at that specific school.  Use the school's webpage to familiarize yourself with possible scholarships, grants, loans and work study.  Don't forget to ask about specific department's or program's scholarships and scholarships deadlines. 
2018-2019 Current Available Scholarships


Deadline January 30, 2019: 
Allen P. & Josephine B. Green Foundation Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Allen P.Green established this scholarship in 1941. Mr. Green moved to Mexico, MO in 1910 and purchased the fire brick company that retained his name until it was sold in 1997.  This scholarship is available for students who graduate from MHS and who plan to attend an accredited college or university in the United States. The scholarship will be $7,500.00 per year for 4 years. 
Please look at these requirements before you go to the web site to complete this application:
1) College entrance examination score, either ACT or SAT;
2) Student's cumulative high school grade point average, excluding eighth semester;
3) Class  Rank (_out of _, Excluding Senior Year);
4) an official copy of the supplicant's high school transcript attached. (an email will be sent to the guidance office, for us to attach. 
Please go to this link to apply:  Allen P. and Josephine B. Green Scholarship
Note please allow yourself time for the counselors to fill out their part, etc. So don't wait until the last day. 

Deadline January 25, 2019: Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship
This scholarship is a unique organization dedicated to the preservation of the history of African american Veterans whose service during World War II demonstrated to america that the criteria for responsibla citizenship are character and achievement rather than ethnic origin. Each year the Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation grants scholarship awards to deserving young men and women.  Please go the left of this page and click on Current Local Scholarships-this will lead you to more detailed information and the application.

Deadline January 31, 2019: Conservation Foundation of Missouri Scholarship
This scholarship offers 5 - $1000 scholarships to high school seniors in different natural resources areas. Preference will be given to those demonstrating financial need. Applications must be submitted by January 31. Information can be found at Conservation Foundation Scholarship

Deadline February 1, 2019: James L. and Nellie M. Westlake Scholarship Program
Eligibility Requirements: 1) MO residents; 2) Graduating high school senior planning to enroll in a four-year college or university; 3) Maintaining a 2.5 GPA or higher on a 4.0 scale; 4) Family adjusted gross income of $60,000 or less.
For additional information and a link to the application visit: Westlake Scholarship

Deadline February 1, 2019: Kansas City Associated Equipment Distributors Scholarship
This scholarship awards up to four annual scholarship of $1000 each to up to four full-time students. This is for students attending a vocational/technical school and pursuing a certificate or associates degree in Diesel Mechanics or Heavy Equipment Repair. Please click on the title Current Local Scholarships to the left side of this page to take you to more detailed information and the application.

Deadline February 15, 2019: MUSIC (MO United School Insurance Council)
Only one application from a high school is to be submitted.  All applications must be typed.  Applications must be turned in to your guidance office by February 15th. You will need a letter of recommendation from a district administrator, counselor or teacher (submit only one letter).
Please go to this link for a fillable application: MUSIC Scholarship

Deadline March 15, 2018: Elk's Most Valuable Student
The Mexico Elks Lodge awards $1,500 to the top qualifying male and female student plus $500 to each runner-up student. In addition the top places qualify for District/State competition for additional money awarded. All instructions and the application is available online.  Please use this link to access.  Elks Scholarship

Deadline March 15, 2018: Altrusa 2019 Scholarship
The Mexico, MO Altrusa Foundation is offering two scholarships in the amount of $2,500.00 each. This scholarship may be applied toward college education, vocational training or other training that furthers the Applicant's education. Information required, along with the application includes high school or college transcript, biographical statement, resume and two letters of recommendation. Only Altrusa application forms will be accepted. Applications are due on or before March 15, 2019, and should be emailed to:
Kathy McCluggage, Chair Altrusa Scholarship Committee

(Please note that the application heading looks funny, this is the way it was sent to me)

Please go to the left of this page and click on Current Scholarships this will lead you to the application.  

Deadline March 15, 2019: Johann Wolter Memorial Scholarship
Johann Wolter was a 1997 graduate of Mexico High School. He lettered in football and has gretly enjoyed attending countless football, basketball, softball, and baseball games over the years. He also was a football and basketball official for the area. He loved watching youth work their hardest to accomplish their goals, and wanted to encourage them at every opportunity.

This scholarship will be a one-time $1000 award in the memory of Johann Walter to a MHS graduating senior that is an active participant in one or more of the following: basketball, football, softball or baseball.

1)  A MHS graduating senior who desires to further their education at an accredited college or         technical school.
2)  Possess the ability to attain and maintain a 3.2 GPA
3)  Show need of financial assistance
4)  Possess high moral character and good citizenship

Go to the left of this page and click on Current Local Scholarships to find the application.
Applications are due by March 15, 2019 to the Guidance Office. 

Deadline April 20, 2019: The American Legion Scholarships
Basic Criteria for Scholarship Awards:  The student must be a resident of Missouri, applicants must be under the age of 21, unmarried and a descendant of a veteran with at least ninety days, active service in the U.S. army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard, who received an Honorable discharge for such service. A photocopy of the veteran's DD214, discharge or separation notice must accompany the scholarship application. Any additional requirements for each scholarship are on the website. (Lillie Los Ford, M.D. Jack Murphy Nurses, Joseph J. Frank
Charles L. Bacon, eman W. Taylor, and Shane Dean Voyles).  All applications with the exception of Shane Dean Voyles are to be mailed to: The American Legion Department of Missouri, Inc., Attn: Education and Scholarship Committee, P.O. Box 179, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0179.
Shane Dean Voyles must be submitted to guidance office. 

Lillie Lois Ford Scholarship Fund: Two awards of $1000 each are given each year. One to a boy who has attended a full session of the The American Legion Boys State of Missouri or a full session of the Department's Cadet Patrol Academy. The second award is given to a girl who has attended a full session of The american Legion auxiliary's Girls State program or a full session of the Department's Cadet Patrol Academy. Application and details can be found: Lillie Lois Ford Scholarship

M. D. "Jack" Murphy Memorial Nurses Training Fund: Currently one $1000.00 award is given for two successive semesters, and may, by application, be extended for two additional successive semesters. This award is available to a MO boy or girl training to be a Registered Nurse, and may be used in their freshman or subsequent college years. The student must have graduated in the top 40% of their high school class or have a "C" or equivalent standing from their last college. Scholarships are awarded for one year, payable $374 per semester.
Application and details can be found: M. D. "Jack" Murphy Memorial Nurses Training Fund

Joseph J. Frank Scholarship: Five awards of $750.00 are given annually to individuals who are descendants of a veteran. Applicant must have attended a full session of The American Legion boys State or The American Legion auxiliary Girls State program. Applicants must be unmarried, under the age of 21, a current resident of the state of Missouri and must use the scholarship as a full time student in an accredited college or university.  Application and details can be found:  Joseph J. Frank Scholarship

Charles L. Bacon Memorial Scholarship: Two arards of $750.00 are given annually in memory of the first Missourian to serve as National Commander of The American Legion. Eligible are individuals who are currently members of The american Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, or the Sons of the American Legion., or a descendant of a member of any thereof. Applicants must be unmarried, a resident of MO, under the age of 21, and  ust use the scholarship as a full-time student in an accredited college or university. Application and details can be found: Charles L. Bacon Memorial Scholasrship

Erman W. Taylor Memorial Scholarship: Two $750,00 awards are given annually to a student planning on obtaining a degree in education, in honor of the Past Nationl Executive Committeeman from Missouri. To be eligible, individuals must: 1) be a descendant of a veteran who served 90 or more days of active duty in the armed forces and having an honorable discharge: 2) be a MO resident: 3) use the award as a full-time student at an accredited college or university; 4) provide a copy of the discharge certificate for the veteran on whose the application is made; and 6) submit an essay of 500 words or less on the subject In your opinion, what was the most significant world event of 2018/2019?  Application and details can be found: Erman W. Taylor Memorial Scholarship

Shane Dean Voyles Memorial Scholarship: One $750.00 award will be awarded, annually. 1) Each school in the State of Missouri may nominate ONE student to be considered for the award. 2) the nominee will be selected on athletic, scholastic and leadership abilities. The nominee should be deeply involved in community and school activities. 4) Must use the award as a full time student at an accredited college or university.  Application and details can be found: Shane Dean Voyles Memorial Scholarship  This application must be turned in to the guidance office.  Do not mail this one. 

Deadline April 28, 2019 :  Design a Better Future
This scholarship offers five $10,000 scholarships this year. These are the main points of the scholarship: High school senior can participate in a design-thinking community building project. Design and work on community improvement project.  Submit a final design thinking project application by April 28, 2019. Please go to : Design a Better Future