A+ Information

Mexico High School is a designated A+ School.  Through the Missouri A+ Program, students who meet the following criteria are eligible to receive a tuition-paid scholarship for two years of attendance at a public community college or technical school in Missouri.  Students must meet all of the following A+ Program requirements.

  • Attend a designated A+ high school for three (3) consecutive years prior to high school graduation
  • Graduate from high school with a grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale (grades 9-12) 
  • Have at least 95% attendance record (grades 9-12)
  • Perform and document fifty (50) hours of unpaid tutoring or mentoring coordinated by MHS (up to 12.5 hours can include job shadowing experiences and/or volunteer hours)
  • Maintain a record of good citizenship and avoid the unlawful use of drugs and alcohol
  • Earn a score of Proficient or higher on the Algebra 1 End of Course Assessment or a qualifying score on another math assessment.

The A+ Schools Program's student financial incentive will be available for up to two (2) years of attendance during the four-year period after graduation from high school. To access the funds, participants must:

  • Submit a Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) form (second semester of their senior year).
  • Maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

The A+ program may provide these educational incentives

  • Provided state funds are appropriated by the legislature
  • Subject to state funding approval

How to Get A+ Tutoring Hours at MHS:

  •  Summer School - Sign-up for Summer School Tutoring and be placed in a classroom at an Elementary School.  Listen for an announce or check the webpage for sign up opportunity.  Usually have sign up sheet available in April.
  • m&M's - Take a TA hour your Junior or Senior Year, complete the m &M's Mentoring Form, and you can to to one of the Elementary School's and tutor during your TA hour. This is not a credit class.
  • Cadet Teaching- a high school elective credit class geared towards future teachers.  Students in the program walk to Hawthorne one hour of the day and tutor in a classroom. They also complete assignments for this class.
  • MMS After School Tutoring- A tutoring program housed at MMS after school on Monday-Thursday from 3:05-4:15. This is flexible and students can go on just the days it fits in their schdeule. Call Mrs. Shopher at 581-4664 ext. 2809 to make arrangements to help.
  • Next Step- A tutoring program housed at HCC after school. Students can go and tutor younger students to earn tutoring hours. This is flexible and students can go on just the days it fits in their schedule.
  • Job Shadowing - Students can count up to 12.5 hours of Job Shadowing towards their A+ Tutoring hours.  Students need to arrange the job shadow on their own outside of the school day. Students need to pick up an A+ Tutoring Time Sheet to keep track of their time.  This form must be signed by the person they are shadowing.
  • Other OpporutnitiesFor example, Walk-Back-In-Time and Safety Town. Please check with a couselor to make sure the activity follows the A+ guidelines
Remember to pick up an A+ Tutoring Log for the Guidance Office for any kind of tutoring to log your hours.

How to Get Tutoring Hours information and A+ Time Sheet can be found on the drop down menu under Guidance/Counseling titled Guidance Staff and Forms