Career Paths

A way to look at future goals is through Career Paths and Career Clusters.

Career paths are clusters of occupations/careers that are grouped because many of the people in them share similar interests and strengths. All paths include a variety of occupations that require different levels of education and training. Selecting a career cluster provides an area of focus and a variety of ideas to pursue. For a list of Jobs in High Demand visit the main Guidance/Counselor main page and scroll below to see the list. 

Use the suggested plans of study to choose classes in preparation for your chosen career. Click on Career Paths on the left of this page to see suggested Plans of Study.

Available Career Paths and Career Clusters:

Arts and Communications: Arts, A/V Technology and Communications

Business, Management and Technology: Information Technology; Marketing, Sales and Service; Finance; Business, Management and Administration

Natural Resources Agriculture: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Human Services: Human Services: Hosptiality and Tourism; Government and Public Administration; Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

Industrial and Engineering Technology: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; Architecture and Construction; Manufacturing; Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Health Services: Health Science